Hello and Welcome

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I would like to introduce myself, Jo Erasmus and the owner of Sew Cyprus, Maria Etheridge by referring you to the About Us page where you can …  well, read   about us    😄


It is also with great pleasure that I can announce the marriage of two girls…


Sew Fabulous   and   Sew Cyprus


on 2 October 2020


It has taken effort and tap dancing to keep the two separated.  They are now officially joined and hopefully any confusion can be dealt with in this space.  Drop us a line  if you already have questions.


Addressing those who “have always wanted to start sewing” and those who have not felt happy with their sewing results and were wondering why…  You have two options:


  • If you do not live in Cyprus and are not planning a Sewing Holiday soon,   Your Online Classroom   is the way to go… very soon.



Big Launch Date Announced

The launch of Your Online Classroom has been pinpointed

and it is

6 September 2021


It has taken all of six years to get to this very exciting junction.

There have been a few false starts and loads of steep learning curves but we have battled and grown and arrived.

Here is a peek at what we are planning for you over the next months:




As some of you may be dealing with loss…

a loved one, personal freedom,

mental stability, income…

Whatever your particular situation is,

a warm wish from us to you.


May you see some positives sprinkled in with the challenges.

May you find the one thing that makes coping easier.

It can be as simple as doing some hand embroidery or the knowledge that you are in the hands of your Creator.

Whatever makes you tick, do more of that !

Lots of Love,





When I try to film the next lesson but Filios wants to cuddle…

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