Where we Go

To Learn to Sew

We are situated in the Paphos Area in Anavargós

Near the General Hospital

Please feel free to make an appointment for a chat


Sew Cyprus

Where we Go
To Learn to Sew


Sewing is Everywhere

On your Table and Bed

In your Car and Lounge

On your body Every Day . . . 

If you want to sew, you’ll need the basics

Perhaps you are just not satisfied with your results or want to regain your confidence

The next step is to learn the most commonly used Sewing Techniques

At this point you will be able to sew on your own and use internet instruction more productively

But you might have difficulty with fitting your garments 

Learn to make a basic pattern that fits you and only you

The Sew Cyprus Learning Journey does not stop there. . .

See what 2 previous students have to say

New Equipment


Clear Instructions

Correct Procedures


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